Get Out Film Analysis

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The concept art imitates life is crucial to film directors who express their views on political and social issues in film. In regard to film studies, race is a topic rare in many films. Like America, many films simply refuse to address this topic for various reasons. However, more recently, Jordan Peele’s 2017 box office hit Get Out explicates contemporary race relations in America. In the form of an unconventional comedy horror, Get Out is intricate in its depiction of white liberal attitudes towards African Americans. In short, Get Out suggests a form of covert racism existing in a post- Jim Crow era. Similarly, Eduardo Bonilla- Silva’s book Racism Without Racists acknowledges the contemporary system of racism or “new racism,” a system…show more content…
Furthermore, this scene also depicts racial profiling in America. According to Silva “blacks and dark-skinned Latinos are the targets of racial profiling by the police,” (2). In many cases, blacks are automatically assumed criminals and “always up to no good.” Soon after this first incident, Chris and Rose arrive at her parent’s house and he is immediately welcomed. While touring the house, Rose’s father, Dean, tells Chris that “I would have voted for Obama for a third term if I could.” This statement is striking in revealing the true attitudes of white liberals; race no longer is an issue because a black man served as president (Silva 257). By vocally supporting Obama, white liberals are seemingly aligning themselves with blacks, in contrast to white conservatives that outright declare their hostility towards blacks. In essence, common expressions “I have black friends” or “I’m color blind” are used to appear neural and not a threat to blacks. Forwardly, Chris is having dinner with Rose’s family. Rose’s brother, Jeremy, and Chris discuss sports. In an uncomfortable conversation, Jeremy tells Chris that with his athletic abilities and genetic makeup he can do great things. It is true, African Americans have a predominance in sports as evident 80% black in the NBA and 65% black in the NFL, however this fact prompts the common stereotype that African Americans are only
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