Racism and Anti-Semitism in the United States Today

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Racism and Anti-Semitism in the United States Today Racism and anti-Semitism are both still serious issues in the United States today. There are many people who would choose to disagree with this idea, however. They would argue that legislation to protect people has removed any kind of race-related tensions, but it does not appear that this is actually the case. In order to address the issue thoroughly and comprehensively, it is important to discuss the researcher's reasons for believing that racism and anti-Semitism are both still causing difficulties for many people in the US during the present day. Until clear knowledge of the issue is gained, it is not possible to adequately combat the problem and take steps to improve relations. The first reason that racism and anti-Semitism are still being seen today is from ignorance. The beliefs of people based on their religions and how they were raised are often very focused on what they were taught when they were young. As they age, they do not choose to move forward and attempt to learn more about others and the world around them (McVeigh, 2004). Because they are not interested in seeing other people as equals, or because they do not want to expand upon what they have learned and see how others may feel differently than they do, they simply avoid focusing on anything that is not what they have already been taught or shown. Until individuals can receive better education on race relations from an early age, and until they are
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