Racism and Prejudice at State College

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Racism and Prejudice at State College

America: the home of the brave and the free, the "melting pot." America: a society of endless possibilities and promises. We as Americans have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Or do we? On what do these rights depend? Power? Power is the ability to influence another's mind. Though expressed in many ways, power is not always accessible. One's social, economic, ethical, and racial status determine how much power one can have--the cultural majority has the power. In American society, culture plays a pivotal role in our everyday life and experiences. What happens when one's identity or sense of self is lost in the melting pot?

Who I am and what race or culture I belonged
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It is racist and ridiculous for people to think that when a black person does something, it is not on an individual basis, but rather as a representative of blacks as a whole. It is very presumptuous for people to believe that we all act the same way, when really we don't. Being in the minority is already hard, but it is made worse when people begin to stare or go out their own way to be malicious and unkind. Another girl told me, "It hurts when several white students approach you and ask why do all the black students sit together at the dining hall, knowing the only reason they asked you that is because of your skin color." Black people share a common bond, whether we choose to accept it or not. When people see us, they don't just see that man or woman, they see that black man or black woman. They see our skin color and race. They sometimes fail to realize that we as people are individuals and we come from diverse backgrounds. When all the white students sit together are they asked why? No, because it is implicitly understood that they have a common bond or interest beyond their skin color. They either play sports together or participate in some other organization together or hang out as friends. Why can't we be friends because we like each other?

In class you rarely find racial diversity--there might be one or two black students in any given class; there are never more than five at once. This becomes a problem when topics such as social
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