Racism in America: From Jim Crow to Trayvon Martin

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Racism in America: From Jim Crow to Trayvon Martin Racism in America: From Jim Crow to Trayvon Martin The recent case of Trayvon Martin has raised the issue of racism in America once again. Racism is an issue that has always troubled the United States since its beginning. From the time of slavery to the Jim Crow laws that followed the passing of the 13th Amendment; from the Civil Rights era to the Rodney King beating and subsequent riots in LA; from anger over apartheid in Africa to support of Nelson Mandela by Americans both black and white; from the shooting of Trayvon Martin to the acquittal of George Zimmerman every generation has had to confront the issue of race and racism. This paper will argue that racism is still very much in existence today. It will begin by analyzing the national reaction to the Trayvon Martin shooting and then trace the evolution of racism in America from the 1930s Jim Crow laws to today's racially charged social and political discourse. It will conclude by showing how racism has never truly been dealt with America because, here, racism is too deeply embedded in our culture to ever really be eradicated. As Jesse Jackson states in the The Guardian, "Racial profiling is all too common in the US, and has led to the killing of a young man." While there are many differing opinions over whether or not Zimmerman should have been found guilty of the death of Martin, it is clear from Zimmerman's report to the police dispatcher that he had identified
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