Racism in America Today Essay

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Long walk to freedom? Although slavery is over and African Americans are in a better place today than they were years ago we still have long ways to go. There are still people out there that is praying for our downfall. There are still people out there who wants to harm us and make us extinct. Even though we’re allowed to go to school with whites there is still controversy with us being friends and even dating. Just like some Caucasians are racists there are some African Americans that are as well. African Americans hate seeing there men or women date Caucasians. They feel like Caucasians took their men or took their women. It shouldn’t matter what color there skin is, love doesn’t have a limit or age you can’t help who you fall in love…show more content…
I explained to him that she was African American my mother handed him her driver’s license and that still wasn’t good enough for him. I proceeded to let him know that I was in school for criminal justice and he was breaking the law. I grabbed my law book and told him which code he was violating. He had this look on his face and I know he was mad so he told us that we could go and we did. Officers shouldn’t be able to pull anyone over because of the color of their skin. There are bigger things in the world than that. Another example of racism because of your color is in Detroit the police number one target is African Americans. They call it (DWB) “Driving While Black” they will pull you over because your black driving in a nice car. A lot of people believe that the fancier your car is the more attention it brings your way from cops. Racism is all around us from the color of our skin to the course of our hair people will find all kind of reasons to talk about you or reasons not to like you.

I remember grabbing my phone and I decided to go browsing on the web. I saw this article on a young man name, Trayvon Martin and as I read it I felt sorry for his family loss. I’m the type of person who needs all the facts before I think you’re guilty. I was always taught that there are three sides to a story “His side, her side, and the truth. As I got more in-depth with the story I learned that Trayvon was walking home from the store, where he purchased skittles and
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