Racism in Schindler's List

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“The opposite of love is not hate but indifference,” Elie Weisel stated after commenting on his thoughts on racism and his years surviving the Holocaust. Weisel was thrown in and out of concentration camps starting at the age of fifteen until finally his final camp where his father had died was liberated. The tragedies that Weisel along with the other millions of people who suffered were unimaginable and even Weisel himself strived for years to find words that somewhat explained what their experience was like. However, no one will ever be able to fully express what It is truly like to live during such racist times, whether it be through writing or film. Racism is a term which involves…show more content…
Then he slowly watched the murders progress into an entire extermination. Speilburg showed Oscar Schindler’s final realization that something must be done about these horrible executions after he saw the dead body of the young girl with the read coat in which he had seen earlier on. This triggered Schindler into making a list filled with names of workers for his factory which he would ultimately save from the killings of the concentration camps. Movies such as Schindler’s List which deal with the concepts of racism are an extremely important part of the film genres. Although many people know the racism issue occurs all over the world, few know the extremities it has and still goes on to. Learning about past racist occurrences such as the Holocaust is an important learning experience for all viewers of film because learning about something that happened in the past can better prevent that from happening in the future. Something as significant as the Holocaust should never be forgotten and the will to stop the world’s racism should never be lost. Elie Weisel, the survivor from the Holocaust stated about his struggle to end violence and hatred, “Indifference is never an option. It is not the beginning of a process; it is the end of a

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