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Racism in Sports Racism is a belief that people of different races have different qualities and abilities, and that some races are inherently superior or in inferior. Racism in the form of discrimination persists in society. Racism in sports occurs in both team and individual sports around the world. Sports itself does not induce racism. Sports are meant to be a colorblind activity that adheres to the notion of fair play. Racism in sports is a problem which manifest around the world. It led to a wide range of controversial incidents. Racism in sports is only a big problem because the media is choosing to make it one. Racism in sports played a major role in this ranking, therefore racism is still exists today in society as well…show more content…
The story of the campaign to integrate baseball remained unknown to most whites in the United States. For blacks, it was one of the most important stories involving racial equality in the 1930s and 1940s. Black sportswriters and others framed the campaign to end segregation in baseball in terms of democracy and equal opportunity. To black’s newspaper, if there could be racial equality in baseball, there could be racial equality elsewhere in society. The black sportswriters took their campaign to baseball commissioner. They made their case to baseball executives at their annual meeting. They met individually with a number of team owners who promised tryouts and then canceled the tryouts. Yet the story of the campaign to desegregate baseball remained unknown to most of the United States.
White baseball fans did not know that blacks were prohibited from the game. They did not know that there were blacks good enough to play in the major leagues. They did not know that many major league managers and players supported integration. They also did not know that sportswriters had their own color line (the baseball writers' association prohibited blacks).
Sportswriters said anything about the color line, which was not often; they justified the absence of blacks in baseball with blatant dishonesty. J.G. Taylor Spink, the

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