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Racism in Tracking Ideally, the education system in the United States aims to serve as the great equalizer in the constant struggle to counter decades and centuries of historical oppression against those of non-European descent. The ideology of education as a great equalizer purports a pedagogy as a starting point for those oppressed and separated by such forces as race and class to have access to a quality education, and hence an equal chance at all the US has to offer. It attempts to bring children from disparate realms in a place that serves them all equitably. This ideal constantly challenges the broader values of equality, liberty and democracy considered to be at the core of American ideology. In interpreting this …show more content…
National polls suggest that 62% of Americans commit to this goal on an ideological level (Gallup, p. 125, 1993). This sentiment however has scarcely led to action from those with power and resources. Furthermore, this value is countered by the practices of the ideology of education as a gatekeeper.

The disputing force mirrors the striations in society where only those born into privilege have access to quality education and life opportunities, while those born into groups excluded from privilege are given subordinate access to equivalent life opportunities, or occlusive access to mediocre ones. In school systems where urban schools are considered breeding grounds for workers of the wealthy, roles and privilege in society are maintained, not challenged, and gates are kept instead of doors opened, all in the spirit of reflecting a larger game of "just the way life is"--a game where only the so-called fittest survive and the "fittest" have a head start. As long as education lives under a gatekeeping system, society remains unchanged as its children learn-rather than learn to change-dominant, White hegemony. Overwhelmingly, this notion is rooted in a historically oppressive society where those who have the power to judge merit, and hence to discriminate, are most often White, wealthy, and male. In other words, the system "has the

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