Racism in the Bluest Eye

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Racism in “The Bluest Eye” Several examples of racism are encompassed in The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. Characters who are members of the black community are forced to accept their status as the “others”, or “outsiders”, which has been imposed on them by the white community. In turn, blacks assign this status to other individuals within the lighter-skinned black community. In this novel, characters begin to internalize the racism presented by these people, and feel inferior. The stereotype torments them mentally, and in some cases, to the point of insanity. The character most affected by racism is Pecola Breedlove. Pecola Breedlove’s character is defined by several different types of racism. It is present in her family, especially…show more content…
Racism becomes one of the most critical themes in the novel and causes the most destruction. In The Bluest Eye, the reader can see how Toni Morrison demonstrates the effects of racism on the black community. In Pecola’s case, she is driven to the edge of insanity, where she longs to be a white person with beautiful blue eyes, and who lives in a world where racism does not exist. She longs for that world where nobody will hurt her anymore because she is not one of the “others”. White people did not have to deal with the same dilemmas as black people did, and could never understand the consequences of being
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