Racism in the Criminal Justice System Essay

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African Americans suffer from economic, psychological, political and social exploitation at the hands of powerful Whites in this country. As a result of this exploitation, Black people usually are put into situations where the commission of a criminal act is often seen as the most effective resolution to their problems. Most Caucasians, however, will probably never understand the predicament in which most Black find themselves. Stolen from our homeland and then forced to work under the most miserable conditions imaginable. African American not paid any money and kept in slavery of different forms and fashions up to this very day. Black people have been under the constant control of whites since coming into this country. Today, white…show more content…
There is no reason to believe that blatant racism or bigotry is more widespread among law enforcement officers than among any other professional. Just to be sure, there have been well publicized instances of such bigotry, such as the annual “Good Ol’ Boys Roundup” for law enforcement employee’s in Eastern Tennessee which, was investigated back in 1995 and was found to have a Redneck of the Year contest, law enforcement personnel performing in blackface, the wearing of masks in the likeness of Martin Luther King, Jr., with a bullet hole in the face and the display of a banner entitled “Nigger Check Point” (justice.gov). But such blatant prejudice is always condemned when it brought out into the open. In contrast, the racial generalizations that enlighten policing strategies in America today are subtle, deeply rooted, and difficult to get rid of. Racial profiling and other law enforcement strategies start the disturbing process by which minorities are excessively brought into the criminal justice system. But such disparities do not stop once a suspect is arrested. At every stage of the criminal process -- from the start of the first plea negotiations between the suspect and the prosecutor, to the imposition of a prison sentence by a judge -- the slight biases and stereotypes that causes police officers to rely on racial profiling are compounded by the racially distorted
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