Racism in the T.V. Show Lost Essay

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In television, and almost every other medium the media uses today, there’s a fine line between promoting and properly integrating diversity, and exploiting it. In this paper, I will be critically analyzing the hit television show, Lost, and how in leans more towards exploitation because of its incorporation of token characters from different races and genders, which hurts more than helps our society, particularly American society, in its goal of expelling racism and sexism. The racial and gender stereotypes displayed in the hit television
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The main characters fluctuate slightly with each season, but there are a core-four that consistently lead the show. Jack Shephard, John Loch, Kate Austen, and Sawyer. Jack Shephard, a spinal surgeon form L.A., emerges as the main character and accordingly the leader of the group of newly stranded individuals. Jack is a white male, in his thirties, and if originally depicted as your average white-male surgeon. Most of all he has good nerves and goes well in the near-constant chaos on the island. John Loch is a middle-aged white man who was handicapped before he came on the island, but upon crash-landing on the island, regained movement in his legs. Loch slowly gains the trust of the group (not indefinitely) and is looked upon as the wise one of the group, almost like the island’s Yoda. Kate Austin is a white woman in her late twenties, early thirties. We slowly figure out is a recently-caught fugitive on the run for killing her step-father, emerges as another lead character because of her draw to dangerous situation, which goes the same for Sawyer, another criminal on the island. Not until about the second season does Sayid, an Iraqi man, emerge as another main character, which becomes the only non-white lead role in the show. One of the reasons Lost should be put under more of a microscope than most American shows is because it is set outside of the United States, therefore a more diverse cast is called for. In
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