Racsim in Sports Essays

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Racism if traced back to the 19th century has been predominant; we may refer to the apartheid era in South African where many of blacks were maltreated by the whites because the whites seem to view them as inferior. Does racial discrimination also exists in sports? Yes. Racial discrimination has also impacted negatively on the ethics of sports and the code of conduct of athlete. Is of no surprise that racial discrimination has mainly welcomed itself into sports, has this has been an issue which have perplexed many of sports analysts the 21st century. But, what are likely the effects of racial discrimination on sports? Firstly, an atmosphere where sport activities are performed is very hostile. An instance…show more content…
It is of no surprise that many athletes who are discriminated against have been provoked to use ‘explicit languages which may spark an annoyance from the spectators in a sporting game. Tickets to sports game will decrease because of this and this will likely lead to the low performance of athletes. An instance where spectators jeers athletes and refer to those who are black coloured as “Nigger”, that is a black man will feel dispirited by this. The number of athletes will surely reduce as a result of this. Thirdly, black coloured or brown coloured will be unfairly judged when an accolade of awards is to be given. Situations like this will make the code of conduct of sports less likely provable. If this kind of situation is not well sorted, sportive activities will in return be a disaster, since there is racial discrimination between athletes who are of different race. An example point to the recent incident between Patrice Evra’ a professional footballer and another professional footballer ‘Luiz Suarez. The two referred to themselves in vulgar languages, which in return was displeasing to the spectators and their coaches (Hartley, 2012). In addition, the purpose of sport as a means to unite nations is affected. Sports, though diverse, its main purpose is to unite different races together, where those races are able to tolerate one another regardless of their colour is now in
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