Radar, Detection And Detection

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INTRODUCTION: Radar is an acronym and is known as Radar Detection And Ranging. Radar system is used to detect the range or velocity of an object by using radio waves. Radar is a detection system for an object which uses radio waves to detect range, angle and velocity of objects. Radar uses radio waves or microwaves which reflects back from any object in their path. Radar transmitter and receiver typically has same system which determines the object properties by receiving and processing these reflected waves. Radar system was developed by several nations at the period of second world war. In 1940, by the united states navy the name RADAR is given. HISTORY AND INVENTION: In the early stages of radar 1886, a German physicist known as…show more content…
He also got a patent for telemobiloscope in September 1904. This operates on 50cm wavelength and pulsed radar signal created using a spark gap. The two researchers called A Hoyt Taylor and Leo C.Young in 1922,working in U.S. navy , had both transmitter and receiver for the Potomac river on opposite sides and found that the ship passing through the beam path caused the receiver signal to fade in and fade out. So that, Taylor submitted this report, specifying that this system can be used to detect the presence of objects in lower visibility but the navy did not continue the work immediately. Lawrence A. Hyland at naval research laboratory after 8 years observed the same fading effects passing from an aircraft which led to the patent and also for a serious proposal of work from moving targets on radio echo signals. In December 1934, full radar evolved as a pulsed system and was demonstrated by the American Robert M. Page. Although many scientists tried to develop RADAR but the best known was Robert Watson-wat, Scottish physicist. He worked for Britain’s Meteorological office during first world war helped them use the radio waves detecting storms which are approaching. During second world war along with watt his assistant Arnold wilkins realized that they can use this technology and developed to detect approaching enemy aircrafts. PRINCIPLE OF OPEATION: Radar operates on the electronic principle which is very same as
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