Radar Of Rfid Penetration Through Particulate On Other Particulate Solid Products With Varying Particle Sizes

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RFID Signal Penetration through Particulate SolidsABSTRACT:Radio frequency identification technology is an automatic identification wireless communication technology that integrates physical objects with the digital data. It is also becoming popular in supply chain management, which covers all processes in the flow of goods from manufacturing to customers, which includes manufacturing, distribution and transportation. This research paper focuses on the readability of RFID penetration in different particulate solid products with varying particle sizes. In addition simulation during transportation is performed on a conveyor belt at different speeds. Variable factors in this experiment were different types of particulate solids of different…show more content…
The advantage of RFID is that it does not require direct contact or line-of-sight scanning. An RFID system consists of three components: an antenna, RFID reader and a RFID tag (Known as transponder). The antenna emits radio frequency waves to transmit a signal that activates tag and in return a response signal is received.()Problem statement:Packaging industries using RFID technology may face the problem of missing the item count of products during processing due to different product characteristics such as chemical composition, density etc. This research paper examines the use of RFID in packaging industry where the items are of different particulate solids of different packing densities. This is important in supply chain because transportation can change the product 's physical characteristics. In this paper particle shape, size and packing density are investigated to determine its effects on RFID tag readability. Particle size is considered as an important characteristic since it effects the properties such as surface per unit volume and rate of settling of particles. The shape of the particle may have an effect on packing characteristics.Equipment and Methodology:Equipment:Equipment used in this research are the rectangular standardized cell of size 6in x 10in x 1.25 is fabricated using 0.25in thick Lexan material
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