Radar The Proliferation Of Location Based Services Essay

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Abstract— The proliferation of Location Based Services
(LBSs) and Geo Social Networks (GSNs) significantly increase the exposure risks of location information leading to leakage of sensitive information. Location privacy preserving methods are designed to provide a specified level of privacy based on some pre-defined privacy guarantees such as k-anonymity and e-differential privacy. In certain situations, we note that users would need different privacy protection levels based on their relationships and trust associated with the users of the exposed location data. For instance, users of a location-based social network may need a smaller privacy protection level in interaction with their close friends and a larger privacy protection level in relationship with public users. In this paper, we present a privacy aware access control model that provides different location privacy protection levels based on various access control list of users. The proposed privacy preserving access control model not only preserves the confidentiality of access control policy but also provides an efficient mechanism for grant and revoke of authorizations.
The recent prevalent use of mobile devices and the availability of high-resolution spatio-temporal data sensing devices have popularized the use of Location-Based Services
(LBSs) and Location-based Geosocial Networks (GSNs).
These location-based systems (e.g. Foursquare, Yelp, Google
Latitude, and Facebook Places) provide services
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