Radiation Exposure Of Women And Children Essay

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Three different independent studies involve ultraviolet exposure to cohorts of women and children. The paper will use the following studies to determine if exposure to ultraviolet radiation is causal of skin cancer. The first cohort study, Cumulative ultraviolet radiation flux in adulthood and risk of incident skin cancers in women (Wu S, Han J, Vleugels RA, et al., 2014), is a prospective study established in 1976 which follows a cohort of 121,700 registered nurses all of which filled out a questionnaire with risks of chronic diseases. The cohort which was named NHS included participants aged 30-55 years of age who resided within 11 different US states and by the conclusion participants resided in every state with a follow-up rate of 96%. Disease was defined as skin cancer and reported as basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), and melanoma (Medical records only collected from those with BCC or melanoma). The exposure of UV Flux (estimation of UVB radiation and UVA radiation) was estimated based on location of participants and the annual UV flux data for a participant 's respective location.
The second cohort study, Sun damage in ultraviolet photographs correlates with phenotypic melanoma risk factors in 12-year-old children (Gamble RG, Asdigian NL, Aalborg J, et al., 2011), is a prospective study from 2011 which follows a cohort of 1,145 children ages 11-12 born from January 1988 to September 1988. The children wore no sun protection, had their faces
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