Radiation Is Natural Part Of The Earth

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Radiation is natural part of the Earth. Radiation exists all around us, in the air, the soil, and rock. Humans have lived, and thrived in a radioactive environment since the beginning of time. Radon is one form of radiation, it’s odorless, tasteless, invisible, and it’s in the air we breathe. Cosmic radiation is in space as heavily charged particles and gamma rays. Terrestrial radiation is emitted naturally in the form of heat from the Earth. Then we have manmade radiation. In 1895 Roentgen discovered radiation in his laboratory, the medical benefits of this invisible source of energy were experimented with in every direction from beauty, to health for many years, and continues to this day. Radiation is a part of our environment both naturally and unnaturally (Sources of Radiation Exposure. (2013, June 12). Retrieved from http://epa.gov/radiation/sources/index.html). Just as the Earth has supplied us with natural radiation, it has supplied us with ways in which to protect us through nutrition. In the same way we can protect ourselves from natural radiation, we can protect ourselves from unnatural radiation. Minerals, spices, herbs, seaweed, and plants bind the radiation particles in our bodies and are removed naturally. Our bodies are incredible healing machines, given the correct nutrition and avoiding foods that impair the immune system, we are designed to heal and thrive in a world filled with toxins and even radiation. Natural sources of radiation are everywhere.
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