Radiation Therapy Advantages And Disadvantages

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First Of All What Is The Radiation Therapy?
The radiation therapy or the radiotherapy is using ionizing radiation is part of cancer treatment to kill the malignant cells, and is using the high energy to shrink the tumors such as : x-ray, gamma ray, and charged particles this is for cancer treatment.
Radiation therapy is a commonly applied to the cancers tumor because is for its abele to be cell growth. Ionizing radiation working by damaging the DNA of cancerous tissue leading to cellular death. To replace normal tissues such as: skin and organs that radiation must pass through to cure the tumor. Shaped radiation beams are aimed from several angles of exposure to meet at the tumor, given a much larger absorbed dose than in
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It concentrations the radiation on the cancer, and minimum the time each treatment takes. It normally includes one single beam of radiation, sometimes more than. The machine will move around you in a circle. It may help to minimum the risk of side effects by reducing the amount of radiation to the close to the organs.
The advantage and disadvantage of the radiotherapy: (the pros and cons of such modality)
• The most important advantage of the radiotherapy is that it may be help to control the growth of the carcinoma.
• For a small number of people with locally advanced pancreas cancer and borderline respectable carcinoma, radiotherapy may make surgery if possible.
• Each treatment session will take about 15-30 minutes and you won’t usually need to stay in hospital.
• You may be able to carry on with your daily life, such as going to work, if you feel up to it.
• If you have advance cancer, radiotherapy can help work with symptoms and relieve pain.
The disadvantage of the radiotherapy:
The radiotherapy can be damage the organ is close of the pancreas such as the stomach , small bowel , large bowel , kidney, liver, this of side
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