Radical Islamists In The United States

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Radical Islamists are activists whose main goal is to form an international group of Islamic believers. They are determined to form this group in whatever way they can, even using violence and having mass killings. The United States of America allows them to be radical because of their needs such as, oil. They take teachings from the Qur’an and radicalize them into violence and harsh beliefs, however, the majority of Muslims do not believe in most all of the ways of radical Islamists.
The United States of America are allowing the Saudi Arabians to be radical because of their needs for oil and port cities. America supports Saudi Arabia with weapons and money in exchange for oil. “In trying to balance American demands that it join the fight against terrorism and the grassroots popularity of Mr. bin Laden and the
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“Believers have every right to build their politics on basic religious ideals such as truth, justice and the welfare of all people,” (Viewpoint, 10). They take teachings from the Qur’an and alienate them into radicalized ideas. One of the main branches of Islam, that they use, is Wahhabism. “The faith that drives Osama bin Laden and his followers is a particularly austere and conservative brand of Islam known as Wahhabism, which was instrumental in creating the Saudi monarchy, and if sufficiently alienated, could tear it down,” (Middle East, paragraph 1). They change the lessons into a much stronger and harsher version of what they actually are. “Saudi rulers essentially owe their power to the Wahhabis,” (Middle East, paragraph 15). “Wahhabis believe their faith should spread, not giving ground in any place they have conquered. Thus Saudi Arabia was a main financial backer of the mujahedeen fighting,” (Middle East, paragraph 5). Wahhabism originated from Saudi Arabia and Saudis have very strong beliefs about their faith. They try to expand their religion into other areas in the
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