Radical : Taking Back Your Faith From The American Dream

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“I have carefully and thoroughly read the entire book as assigned.” Throughout David Platt’s book, “Radical : Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream”, he encourages the reader to take a look at their life and see whether or not Christ is all they need to impact their life for Jesus in a radical way. He asks the reader to carefully examine their life, and see if there are areas that perhaps the Lord would desire for change to take place. Platt challenges the Church to step up and see the urgency in missions realizing that this is the way God designed the lost and dying world to hear the Good News of the Risen and Glorified Savior Jesus Christ.
Chapter 1 is entitled Someone Worth Losing Everything For. In this chapter there are many different incidents and principles that are introduced to draw the reader into a deeper awareness that there are many people in this world that need saved. The first incident talked about was “ Puddles of Tears.” The scenarios in this incident describes leaders meeting in a dimly lit room with all blinds closed. They have come together to discuss prayer needs and inadequacies of how they can relate better and have some answers for the people in their underground home churches. Some leaders talked about their members getting kidnapped while others spoke of losing everything, including their life for the mere cause of following Christ. Puddles of tears fell from their faces as “they audibly wept before God…” Some even

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