Radio Communications For Public Safety

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Radio Communications for Public Safety
Alastair Mitchell Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Cleveland State University
December 23, 2016
Standards need to be set in order to handle current capabilities and handle the demands of what is to come. Standards that come with radio communication have been around for a while and one of those standards includes Public safety radio services. This standard was created for a given scenario were the government would have to send out a message to inform the public. Any agencies that deal with public safety are required to meet this standard. You may here these messages come across the radio in states of emergency and see tests on your television. This standard is known as SO-04-005 for communications involving radio. The standard has to meet all of the ANSI/TIA/EIA-102 standards, also has to have the capability of using the existing 800 MHz bandwidth, and has to work with interface devices that are present know and to come in the future.
This paper will cover ANSI/TIA/EIA-102 standards that are to meet. Section 1 will discuss the Open Systems Intercommunication (OSI) model for communication systems. Section 2 will look at Analog to Digital Converters for transmission and reception using digital communication. Section 3 will include modulation standards. Section 4 will contain linking and Section 5 encryption standards.
1. OSI Physical Layer and Data Link Layer
OSI model has a

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