Radio Days : Film Analysis

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While the movie Radio Days lacks a clear plot and a theme, it is still, nevertheless, a wonderful film that revolves around a typical American family, and their constant use of the radio. Written, directed and narrated by the renowned comedian Woody Allen, the film occurs during the late 1930s to the late 1940s, and thus it is no surprise that World War 2 and other major events during that time period play a tremendous role in the events that transpired in the film. The setting of this film was Rockaway, Queens, which resonated with me well because my middle school was at this exact same location. Seeing young Joe, the main character in the film through whose viewpoints the movie focuses around, travel to the beach with his friends and go Nazi submarine hunting reminded me of the times my friends and I would travel to Rockaway Beach after school to view the water and the beautiful boardwalk. Additionally, I was enthusiastic about actually knowing the Rockaway jargon, such as Breezy Point, and thus invoking an “it’s a small world” attitude from me. The film itself is a combination of both Joe’s childhood experiences and also ancillary anecdotes that correspond to the theme of the use of the radio, but that doesn 't necessarily involve Joe himself. For example, the film follows the rise of stardom of Sally White, who transformed from once having a grating and annoying voice and selling cigarettes to the elite to talking in a cosmopolitan manner and ultimately being the star
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