Radio Frequency Identification And Its Application

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Radio Frequency Identification & its Application in Retail Business Anupama Aroonkumar University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas INTRODUCTION Engineering is giving organizations approaches to end up quicker and more effective in every aspect of the inventory control and supply chain, from the business to the consumer. The motivation behind this paper is to investigate one technology that has had an incredible effect on the production planning. This technology is the Radio Frequency identification (RFID). What is RFID? Radio frequency identification has gained its awareness after it has been recently introduced in the field of retail and supply chain management. This technology uses radio waves to automatically…show more content…
This antenna enables the chip to transfer the waves back to the reader. The reader then converts the radio waves into digital information that can be analyzed from the computer. Based on the frequency the tags are classified as active and passive. Passive tags operate at microwave frequency and its use can be limited in the read zone. It will become latent after leaving the read zone. Active tags have power from an internal battery and hence do not need a reader. These tags can store more data and are expensive than passive tags. The picture below (Fig 1.) describes the process of RFID tags works. Figure 1 : How RFID Works RFID Challenges in Retail Business Agility, speed and visibility are required into all the manufacturing process during all stages to ensure high accuracy of delivering goods. There are a number of challenges that the retail business face before implementing the RFID like lacking transparency, time consuming and labor intensive manual work and challenging warehouse management, and production planning. All these are prone to human error. The RFID focuses on prime issues like out-of-stock (OOS), inventory accuracy, product location and loss detection. Implementing RFID with the business process enhances the replenishment practices of the company, decreasing the out-of-stocks. Factors for Implementing RFID By studying why the retailers wanted to implement RFID in their business operations, majority of the
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