Radio Frequency Identification And Its Application

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Radio Frequency Identification & its Application in Retail Business
Anupama Aroonkumar
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Engineering is giving organizations approaches to end up quicker and more effective in every aspect of the inventory control and supply chain, from the business to the consumer. The motivation behind this paper is to investigate one technology that has had an incredible effect on the production planning. This technology is the Radio Frequency identification (RFID).
What is RFID?
Radio frequency identification has gained its awareness after it has been recently introduced in the field of retail and supply chain management. This technology uses radio waves to automatically identify tags which are connected to the people or objects. The RFID operates in different frequency, low frequency, high frequency, ultra high frequency and microwave. It uses electromagnetic field to transfer data from the chip to the reader. RFID tags have different methods to identify objects and these are used in various industries. The most common method is to store a serial number on a RFID tag. These smart tags replace the manual barcode system. Currently RFID technology is being used in many ways including; inventory tracking, animal tracking, passport recognition, country/state ID cards, food tracking, and more.
RFID Component
An RFID component consists of a tag, interrogator, antenna and a computer to read the data. The RFID tag…
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