Radio Frequency Identification ( Rfid )

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Table of Contents Introduction 2 What is RFID? 2 RFID in Supply chain management 2 How has RFID implementation improved Supply chain performance at Wal-Mart 3 Impact of RFID technology on SCM Effectiveness – Food Industry in Iran 3 Short comings of RFID 5 Future of RFID 5 References 6 Introduction In this paper we will discuss how Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) influences the role and importance of supply chain management in organizations. This paper will also discuss the prospective evidence that use of RFID will be widespread throughout the industry. What is RFID? Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) uses Radio Frequency electromagnetic energy that can be transmitted and can be used to read the…show more content…
Supply chain activities include product development, sourcing, production, logistics as well as the information systems to coordinate and manage these activities. It is the management of flow of goods, storage of raw materials, work in process inventory and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. Few companies that deal with supply chain management are Walmart, Unilever, McDonald’s, Amazon, Procter and Gamble, Samsung Electronics, Cisco, Intel among others. In any industry, new technologies are employed in order to reduce the burden in terms of cost and wastage. This is the sole purpose of Supply chain management. Before selecting or implementing any technology the organization has to verify its feasibility from the starting point to the ending point. RFID has created a wave of speculation as it has dramatically reduced the cost in supply chains as well as rise in rendering unique services. Customers love it when the products delivered are intact in quantity and quality. And organizations can benefit only if the customers are happy and can be retained. Supply chain management becomes especially difficult when it is with respect to perishable goods and goods with short term expiry. Challenges faced are specifically due to the variety in the number of products in terms of keeping track of the products and providing essential control to maintain temperature during the supply chain process and maintaining
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