Radio Frequency Identification ( Rfid )

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Nor Faridah Omar
Abstract— RFID tagging is an ID system that uses low-frequency detection device for the purpose of identifying and tracing. It includes the tag, the device which reads and writes and host system for the application of data collection, processing and transmission which relies on storage and retrieve data remotely using a tag or transponder [1].
RFID tagging is used in supply chain management as an alternative to barcode technology. It ensures the efficiency and speed of the process [1]. Tags do not require line-of-sight to decipher purposes. It can be read through the plastic, human body and wood. RFID uses radio waves to communicate and should be in reader 's read range which varies according to the equipment [2]. RFID ensures that every item in the correct position without any errors.It makes supply chain system is very great also improve the overall reliability and efficiency of the supply chain. It provides updated information on the entire supply chain in real time. RFID can really give a lot of advantages in supply chain. Provide the real time and up to date information across the entire supply chain [3].
There are many Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) applications as long as there is business. Beginning of the emergence of RFID began in 1940 's where the British Air Force to use RFID-like technology to identify between friend or enemy aircraft in World War II.

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