Essay on Radio Shack's Termination of Employees

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Radio Shack
As the economy continues to be unstable companies, large and small, are making decisions to reduce their workforce. This is a daunting task that has to be handled delicately. When companies begin the process of reduction, even if the staff is aware, the communication must be honest, open and appropriate. If a company is a large retailer there is more at stake than just the current financial situation. The employees can become customers and advocates for the business. They can also become the customers of the competitors and communicate to others the bad experience. In 2006 Radio Shack was on a turnaround plan (O’Rourke, 2010). This plan included a reduction of workforce of about 400 employees. Employees were aware
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Communication training would need to focus with the leadership teams. The training would need to include how to handle questions from the staff that are remaining. The communication training would also need to include how to respond to letters, like in the Appendix, from the former employees. Even in technology companies, email technology may not be the best source for providing information about job loss. Although email is efficient, it does not give the much needed personal input during this type of experience. In a study completed by Krapels and Davis (2000) about communication training in corporations, the classroom was viewed as the efficient way to teach communication skills. This environment allowed for book study as well as role playing for better understanding what should be said, not said how to say it. This may cost money to bring in an instructor, but could possibly save time of trying to fix situations in the future.
Apologizing to former employees When a company makes a communication error, they must decide whether or not they are going to choose to fix the situation. When the USA Today and New York Times are reporting about the mistake that was made, this might be a strong indication the issue needs to be addressed (O’Rourke, 2010). There are a couple options to communicate with the former employees, but the most important part is to send
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