Radio Stations Within The Uk

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Radio Stations within the UK are listened to frequently by large audiences throughout the country. This is achieved through the use of a number of different network media platforms either in Analogue or Digital form; including the Internet and traditional wired and wireless broadcasting such as AM/ FM networks. The objective of this report is to choose two examples of a broadcast radio platform – one being digital with the other being analogue and then describe in detail of the modulation methods employed in each case. The 2 broadcast radio platforms that will be focused on in this report will be AM/ FM and Digital Radio (DAB); providing background information on each technology and specify modulation methods used by each in great detail.
Both AM (Amplitude Modulation) and FM (Frequency Modulation) are both similar popular analogue technologies used to broadcast radio signals and both do this through the use of electromagnetic waves. However both vary in the way they handle a technique known as Modulation; the technique simply means to vary or change an aspect of the carrier wave. A carrier wave is waveform (the form of a signal) which can be affected and manipulated by the type of modulation in use; these waves are usually sine waves. The carrier wave is modulated using an input signal and this allows information to be conveyed as a radio wave which is then sent or transmitted via a transmitter. Once transmitted the wave will travel through the air until…
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