Radio Techniques For A Efficient Wireless Network

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Radio Techniques to enable energy- efficient wireless network

Pramod Kumar Rapolu Vikas Reddy Bontha
SIU #853243613 SIU#853245274
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Abstract—In the recent times, researches show that all wireless networks are not energy–efficient than what we expect to be, especially the base stations through which the terminal access takes place. In order to overcome and solve this problem Mobile Virtual Centre of Excellence (VCE) has performed a project named Green Project in the year 2009 and the main aim of this project is to overcome all the problems and to develop a process which is going to save energy in future wireless systems. This paper deals with the technical parts of the project and details several other current energy consumption models in the base station devices. This article also provides some good ideas in reduction of the energy consumption for the future radio base stations which helps to reduce the burden on the network providers.


In the recent days there is rapid growth in the mobile telephony or mobile users that leads to the higher-data- rate mobile broadband and increased services of information technology which in turn consumes overall energy usage of the world. It is our main objective to reduce the energy consumption of radio access networks. For example, a mobile network in UK consumes approximately…
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