Radio Wave Propagation Around The Human Body Using Fabrics

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Career Episode # 2
CE 2: Radio wave propagation around the human body using fabrics
CE 2.1 Introduction
This project was performed as part of my Master of Electronics and Computer Engineering/Master of Electronics and Energy Engineering dissertation from Griffith University, School of Engineering, Australia. For this project I worked under the direct supervision of Prof. David Thiel, who was a source of immense help and motivation through the course of this entire project. In my project I also encountered problems with surface modelling in which I sought invaluable assistance from Dr. Hugo Espinosa.
This dissertation aimed to examine the effectiveness of wireless body area networks with respect to the different electrical properties of the fabric. These fabrics are of the sort which are implemented in wearable electronics used for a variety of applications and are becoming increasingly popular as they are capable of performing a lot of smart functions such as fitness tracking, health monitoring and a lot of other imaginative utilizations.

CE 2.2: Background
CE 2.2.1
In the world, Australia alone accounts for 80,000 medical negligence cases a year. This is mainly caused due to the doctor’s misinterpretation of the medical data ( Due to this, not only is the cost of diagnosis increasing but a study suggests that in 2008, 26% of indigenous people and 2.6% of general population in Australia had difficulty in accessing medical care due to the unavailability of…
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