Radio Waves Significantly Impact Our Lives as Forms of Communication

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Radio waves, a form of electromagnetic radiation, have had a significant impact on our daily life because of their use as a form of communication. Radio waves have long wavelengths and have low energy photon particles. Because they have low energy photons, they have lower frequencies when compared to other forms of electromagnetic radiation, such as x- rays that have a higher frequency despite having short wavelengths. Today, radio waves are used as a method to transmit and receive information. Technology that makes use of radio waves includes telephones, television and more popularly known the radio, which picks up signals from a radio antenna that is equipped with a resonator that filters the signals received and as its name implies it resonates only with radio waves of a certain frequency; this allows people to listen to different sounds at different frequencies. Radio waves can be emitted by objects in space, such as planets, while radio waves that occur on Earth can come from lightning. Because radio waves are an essential aspect of our lives astronomers have been studying radio waves in space for a long time. While astronomers have been able to detect radio waves from within the solar system and from within the Milky Way galaxy, they have not been able to detect radio waves originating from distant galaxies until recently. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has detected radio bursts that come from outside of our galaxy. This discovery proved

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