Radio: from the Beginning to the Evolution of Today's Technology

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Radio: From the beginning to the evolution of today 's technology
Broadcast media has been around for many, many years and the grandfather of them all is the radio. The radio has been around for so long and has become such a prominent fixture in our society that we take it for granted. Every day many of us are exposed to some form of radio without realizing it. From the beginning of its technology, other forms of media have evolved also; television, wireless internet, and cellular phones, which most of us use daily. Something we do not think of is, where did it all start, whose idea was this to begin with, and what will the radio of tomorrow be like or will there even be radio in the future. I guess we will see.
What is Radio?
Many of
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President Theodore Roosevelt called a conference of his own in 1904, the "Roosevelt Board." The conference was only for American government agencies, those present consisted of the U.S. Navy, the Department of Agriculture, and Army 's Signal Corp. The reason for this conference is to elect a representative from each government agency and to begin preparations of coordinating each agency with the others, and the development of radio services. The 1904 "Roosevelt Board" Report gave the U.S. Navy the powering control over government radio, and placed many significant limitations on commercial radio.
In 1906 the Berlin conference reconvened with an agreement, International Wireless Telegraph Convention. This agreement was adopted on November 3, 1906, but would not come into effect until July 1, 1908. Even though the United States signed this agreement in 1906, the U.S. Senate did not endorse the Berlin Convention until 1912. Roosevelt ordered the convention effective on May 25, 1912.
The United States passed a radio regulation law lasting from 1911 to 1927. These regulations written by the Department of Commerce 's Bureau of Navigation, placed three inspectors to insure that ocean going ships carried radio equipment. A Radio Inspector was placed at each major port, which expanded the inspectors to nine (White, n.d.).
The Radio Corporation of America (RCA), was formed by General Electric Corporation as an American monopoly over radio

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