Radiocarbon Dating

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I chosed a volcano from South America because I think the beauty of South America is endlessly. I find it really interesting to learn something that contributed to the beautiful ecosystems located on that part of the earth. Poas a stratovolcano which is located in Central America Costa Rica to be more precise is a volcano that rises 2,708 meters above sea level. This volcano is constantly being monitored by scientists and geologist. The first historical eruption was reported in 1828. The Poas volcano is best known for being an active volcano which eruptions are not explosive or effusive but rather eruptions are like geysers simply releasing hot smoke or steam. Its most recent eruption has been dated on April the 12 of this year. Radiocarbon dating has been used in the study of this…show more content…
Radiocarbon is sometimes I called carbon-14 dating. Radiocarbon dating consists of Carbon-14 which is an isotope that provides an indispensable aid to archeological research. With a relative short half life a mere 5730 years means that most organic substances older than about 50,000 years cannot be
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