Radiologic Technician Essay

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My educational aspirations consist of acquiring a bachelor’s degree in science. My career vision is to one day be a Radiologic technician. On the other hand, I am certain that if I do not complete my college degree, I would not have the opportunity to achieve my career goals. To me, acquiring a career as a radiologic technician is the most appealing career because it is a respected profession dedicated to helping people remain healthy. My career goal is to help others and be challenged as an individual, and becoming a radiologic technician will allow me to reach my goals. I had the opportunity to observe a number of diffusion tensor imaging, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging at Jersey Community Hospital. During that time, I witnessed…show more content…
Even after entering high school, the importance of keeping my grades up never occurred to me as it became a value to me. Along with keeping excellent grades, I was also involved in several school activities. Throughout my high school years, I presented extravagant academics, leadership, and community work. I was involved in National Honor Society, class council, student council, and blue crew all four years, which is a fan club that attends sports events to support our school’s teams. I also was a varsity cheerleader throughout my high school career. With being inducted to National Honor Society, I completed community service hours. My community service hours consisted of helping out Illini Middle School with their annual D.A.R.E. picnic, working concessions stands for my school’s baseball team, helping sixth graders prepare for their Iditarod, and contributing help at an American Red Cross blood drive. I believe I am worthy of this scholarship because the career path I have chosen takes an appreciable amount of time and money. Overall, I believe I deserve this scholarship because I have the potential to succeed in my career as I would be very appreciative to be awarded the
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