Radiology: It's Best Solution

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Imagine you were working at a hospital in the radiology department where the hospital is understaffed and a reducing budget. Which sometimes the department gets chaotic. Upon reviewing previous examinations, you discover an error that involves two patients. After identifying the problem, resulting in a patient who was to receive a chest procedure, but instead, the technologist performed an abdominal procedure that was ordered for a different patient. When this error was discovered it was clear that both patients were not in any harm during this case. The real harm, in this case, is the technologist who made the error and the department head who authorized the management shift. When deciding an alternative solution one of the easiest options in this situation would be to stay uncommunicative, but the problem still stands and if the department head and technologist don't say anything there would be dire consequences of losing their job. Also, the department head and the technologist could fill out an incident report and keep it between the technologist, and the department head since both patients were not in any harm. Another approach would be to request a meeting with the patients, department heads, the physicians, and the radiologist to fully discuss the situations in detail of the mistake.…show more content…
results in certain rights of the patient while at the same protecting the technologist and the department head from possible criticism. The right thing to do is to fill out an incident report informing the medical center administration of the instanced. This will prompt beneficial management changes so this kind of error never happens
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