Radio's Impact On The Media

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Introduction In regards to the vast amount of access North Americans have to different forms of media and technology I felt intrigued by the knowledge that radio has continue to persist throughout the years. As radio has been influences by new technologies, for example satellite radio, it has continued to be a part of today’s society as a means of sharing information. Radio has continued to be a part of mass communication, sending messages to an audience through music, local and international news, comedy shows and even celebrity updates. Radio had mild beginnings to hobbyists, increased popularity, the golden ages and finally radio has withstood the tests of time to continue to be part of consumer society. Radio Beginnings The radio had humble beginnings with the early adopters who were hobbyists of what the radio provided as the first means of broadcasting. These hobbyists were mostly students of the new technology who used headphones and crystal headsets to listen to the early broadcasts and contribute to the programming as well. The American students and other interested men who came from the middle, urban class and were predominately white had the opportunity of free time and the means to become more invested in the radio. The early adopters started tuning in and soon the technology expanded through their households. At a time when convenience was important and the consumer society was developing, radio gave opportunity to an audience who could be seated in the
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