Radnor Mythology Research Paper

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Radnor like any place around the globe has a mythology. The Radnor mythology is challenging yourself while still enjoying every moment of it, celebrating the traditions that makes Radnor unique, and finally enjoying and a great deal of freedom and independence. The closer you look at the Radnor values and the more you will notice how much they resemble the united states’ value. An example of that is freedom. In America, freedom is one of its biggest value which can also be found has one of Radnor most important value. Radnor values keep evolving every year with small changes, but a drastic change will soon be upon us if we don’t do anything. And it’s the decrease in Freedom and independence students are given at Radnor high school. Such example of the decrease in freedom is no more eating or drinking in the library. And the list goes on. What have we…show more content…
The hand that has been giving freedom to the students is finally becoming tired of being bitten by the people it's feeding, and his it’s starting to feed less to the students. Before people could sit and talk with friends in the international café but since we abused that right. It has been turned into a quiet study area. It was like a booming town of the gold rush. It was highly frequented and always lively, but now it’s nothing more than a ghost town with the occasional visitors remembering the good old days. The time for action is now. If we wait any longer freedom which is a core value of Radnor might despair forever. Let us rise from the hole we have dug for yourselves and regain what we hold the most dearly. Let us learn to respect the hand that is graciously feeding us. Let us control our hunger in hopes that we will be given more in exchange. Let us be reminded that what we take for granted is not the standard. Let us be reminded that this privilege gives us power. Let us be reminded that “with great power comes great responsibility” Uncle
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