Rags to Riches

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Fairytales, or folk tales, have been around for many generations. Most have been passed down verbally for many years and have now been converted into novels, short stories, films, and so on. One tale in particular has been told in many languages all across the world. Cinderella may be the most popular story of a troubled young girl that there has ever been. There are certain themes throughout the story that seem to make it as popular as it is. Some of these ideas include deception, disguise, images, and power. However depending on the version of the tale some are easier to unveil than others. One of the ways that the story Cinderella has come to American culture is through the Disney's nineteen fifty animated version. The movie was based…show more content…
The glass slipper also has a magic spell cast on it. In the original Disney version of Cinderella can we actually believe that this shoe only fits one girl in the whole village? I find it a bit far fetched that there is not another girl in the whole village that could possibly fit into the shoe. Even in the Grimm's Fairytale version the step-sisters try cutting off pieces of their foot to make it fit into the slipper. However the reason that no other foot could possibly fit into the glass shoe is that it too is magical. Not magical in a good sense, but magical in the sense that it would never fit another foot because it continuously is changing shape and size. It is a very clever scheme by Ashella. In this particular version of the story, this young girl is seeking vengeance. However in all the other stories there are images that are trying to be portrayed. When we think of Cinderella some facts are just too obvious. Yes, she is beautiful. She is mistreated, forced into slavery, and so on. But, all of these things are sugar coated by the catchy songs and the chirping birds. There are some underlying images that are not as clear in the movie as they may be in other versions. Appearance is a large part of the images portrayed. In the Disney movie we can all see that Cinderella is beautiful and her step-mother and step-sisters are ugly both inside and out. However, in some of the other versions, the sisters do not appear to be

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