Raiders of the Lost Ark Movie Analysis

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Something shown once in film can hardly sway someone view on a topic. However, the continuous repetition of a cut out stereotype has the power to make minds think a certain way. Since the beginning of Cinema, that has been the case of viewing the people of Arabian and Middle Eastern decent. Aside from the cliché turban and robe, what is shown is a consistent connection between any form of evil and those two particular groups of people. The reasoning for that falls behind America's political agenda. American media, as a whole, shows only what benefits the government's next plan with foreign policy. If the American government is against a certain region anywhere in the world, the entire area faces the same amount of stereotypical hate from the media. The "American values" that have become accustom to Americans are tainted by false imagery and ignorance of other religions. A film, Raiders of the Lost Ark portrays these same stereotypes in this way consistently in Cinema. The typical stereotype of Arabs and Middle Easterners comes from early Europeans who traveled to these countries. The United States took the images brought back and made it into the fictional setting of "Arab Land" seen today. Those images consist mostly of a…
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