Essay on Raiders of the Lost Ark

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Jon Rohrbaugh Raiders of the Lost Ark 57:33-1:01:00 “Uncovering the Well of Soles” I have chosen to evaluate a scene from Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana and Sallah uncover the Well of Soles where the lost ark is hidden. We open the scene at 57:03 with Indiana leading a team of diggers up a hill to the spot where they will dig for the ark. As the scene opens we hear the diegetic sounds of the diggers and commotion taking place in the background. We also hear non-diegetic music that will be referred to as the “ark theme” playing as Indiana climbs the hill and has his men start to dig for the ark. The slow and sort of creepy tone that makes up the ark theme reminds us of the continuing quest for the ark and…show more content…
The thunder and lightning and building anticipation seem to foreshadow the discovery of the ark yet again, which we initially think is a good thing, however, the dark and evil sounds of the storm represent bad things will eventually come from the ark and show us that in hindsight, the ark should not be disturbed. Anticipation continues to build as we hear more diegetic sounds of thunder and a spooky wind howling in the background. We see a shot of Indy and see the worried look on his face as the storm continues to approach. At 58:56 Sallah informs Indy that they hit stone and here we see an eyeline match from Indy leading to the next shot of the uncovered stone. As the workers continue to uncover the stone, the diegetic sounds continue. The lack of non-diegetic music emphasizes the roar of the thunder and helps the view focus on the big find that is about to occur. As the stone is lifted and the tomb is uncovered, we hear the diegetic sound of an animal howling in the background at 59:50. This gives the viewer a spooky feel of the tomb. At 59:55 we see and hear a stinger brought on by non-diegetic music. The thunder roars with a lightning strike which lights up the opening of the tomb which reveals a scary-looking creature with jagged teeth. As this is revealed the non-diegetic music spikes and Sallah shouts from being startled which all creates this stinger effect. The stinger
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