Railroad Workers Case Study

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Railroad Workers Resolution
1. What is important to your client?(Howard Reinbold)
The pe would get to use the railroad to get to places like a market or another homestead. Your family could visit you and vice versa. We connect the two coasts, farmers to stores and ranchers to Chicago. We also connect towns and states together and make it safer and quicker to travel west or back east. Think about it, would you rather spend weeks or months exposed to the ruthless weather trying to get to your homestead, or would you get there in a few days riding in a railroad car that protects you from the weather? The railroad workers will ship things to you so you can receive the things you need as quick as possible! We bring people to the west such as merchants, suppliers, homesteaders, fur trappers, miners, bankers, and basically anyone going west. We will also ship your crops or cattle to where they need to go. For example, the Cowboys get your cattle to Kansas, and they’ll take the cattle to Chicago. This is what is important to our clients, the railroad workers.
2. Why do we need Colorado and Wyoming?
Our client, the railroad workers think that Colorado and Wyoming are going to be beneficial because if we use that land, we can just build straight on over to Promontory, Utah instead of going all the way around. We could cut straight through to Utah if we had that land. Once we do this, people will have easier access to the West, so it’s a win-win situation. Giving people access to the
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