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Building a Fictional Case Study The Rain Forrest. Com has lead the way in online retailing, the company expanded in the early 1990s to offer the world the biggest selections of books, electronics, toys, tools, clothes, household items in general. Through third party agreements, Rain does sell products from major retail companies like Target Corporation, Expedia Inc., Hotwire, Virgin Wines etc. Through out the 1990s the internet and the world wide web became very popular, it took over the world, businesses had personal computers, internet providers, and web browser software. As the world wide web became predominant in society businesses turn to the web to find new opportunities for commerce. Selling merchandise on the internet gave many choices and opportunities (Funding Universe, 2004). The founder of Rain John Cooper worked for a wall street firm D. E. Smith, he left his job and moved to Seattle Washington, he then began to work out a plan for his new company, Rain There were projections that an annual web growth of 2,300 percent. Cooper made a…show more content…
Rain Larry Blackburn senior vice president of business development has been with Rain for many years. He is a pioneer in the e-commerce, he would be the person I would interview. Interview Questions
1. How do you choose wat products/ brands to sale?
2. How do you assure respectable relationships with venders?
3. What strategies would you use to give venders the best prices?
4. When it comes to professional development how do you provide it?
5. What set of numbers would be watched the closes to oversee an increase revenue and profits?
6. In the workplace what is important to you?
7. How will you continue to improve customer
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