Rainford's Game In The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connell

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The use of self-defense is to defend against danger. The short story, “The Most Dangerous Game,” written by Richard Connell, is about a male named Sanger Rainsford. He is the main prey throughout the short story. Rainsford was relaxing on top of his boat. As he falls into the water, no one was able to rescue him. He finds a mysterious island to stay, and finds out that a hunter named General Zaroff, who hunts humans, is going to be his next prey. Rainsford has taken action to place punishment towards crime. Rainsford does not want to be General Zaroff’s next prey. Rainsford defend himself by threatening General Zaroff and killing Ivan. As General Zaroff plays the most dangerous game with Rainsford, he kills General Zaroff to defend himself. Rainsford uses self-defense to defend himself against General Zaroff. As self-defense has taken place, Rainsford has taken action to place punishment towards crime. General Zaroff and Rainsford are having a conversation. General Zaroff and Rainsford share meals together as both get to know each other. While talking together, Rainsford has found out that he and General Zaroff both hunt. As normal humans hunt small, easy prey, General Zaroff hunt for bigger prey. Once General Zaroff told Rainsford that he hunts bigger prey, Rainsford thought General Zaroff hunted big games like a bear or cheetah. General Zaroff’s big games were hunting humans and not animals. As General Zaroff told Rainsford that he hunted humans, Rainsford told the truth
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