Rainforest: A Narrative Fiction

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Many believe that sharks live only oceans, and lack the ability to travel on land. I once believed such things too, until the universe decided to prove me wrong. I was wandering aimlessly around the countryside one day, and stumbled across a forest I didn't recognize. It confused me, since I hadn't seen any mention of it on any maps of the area. Curious, I made the largest mistake of my life, and wandered inside. The forest was dark, but a few rays of sunlight still came through the leaves. Without a map, a trail, or a guide, I found myself lost within minutes. Once I was lost, I quickly learned that this forest a very peculiar predator. Flying Sharks, swimming through the air to hunt down lost and stranded travelers like myself. My heart started beating heavily in my chest. How could I…show more content…
I ran faster and further than ever before. Strange, how the fear of being digested in a flying shark's stomach can give you plenty of energy. I ducked under branches, weaved in between trees, doing everything I possibly could to put distance between me and the flying predator. When I finally stopped, I saw the last trickles of daylight fading through the leaves. I looked around, and found I had come to a stop just in front of a small, one story brick house with a crumbling chimney. The windows were covered with years of dirt and grime, making it impossible to see inside. The rotting wooden door still remained on its hinges, and swung open with a harsh sound from the rusted hinges. Inside there was a single plastic deck table with three rotting, wooden chairs around it. Two cots lay discarded and decaying in a corner, with a few boxes and crates lying near them. In front of the fireplace, I saw something that will forever haunt me. A hunter's corpse, consumed by the sharks and brutalized by the elements. The stench of rot and death was overpowering as I approached it. Clutched tight in the poor man's right hand was a hunting knife. I pried it from his death
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