Rainforest Descriptive Essay

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If you're lucky enough to travel anywhere where would you go? I chose to go to a warm climate where there is tall palm trees, it's densely populated and it's one of the biggest states in the united states this place is California, that was the best choice I have made so far this year.
She’s as smooth as a baby’s bum, she felt like rubber, she was as powerful as a cheetah while she moved her tail moved up and down so she could go to the other side of this big glass swimming pool, she tasted like sea salt from the ocean. This beautifully gentle beast jumped out of the water 3 feet in front of me I can’t believe I am arm's length away from this beautiful mammal, I have always wanted to interact with a dolphin. 12 hours earlier “I can't believe that we are going to be swimming with dolphins today” says my cousin Tanner, “I can't either I have been waiting for this moment since I was 10” I reply then put my headphones back on. While listening to my favorite band twenty one pilots even though their lyrics are depressing and deep but they sound happy while they are singing them I gazed out of the car window and saw hot sand and huge walls of rock with a few green prickly cacti I saw that we were still in Arizona at 10am. The next thing I knew it was 11:30am and we just crossed the border of California at first you couldn't tell if it was Arizona or California because you could still see some desert, but then we went down this tall hill and all you saw was bright thick
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