Essay on Rainforests of the Ocean

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Rainforests of the Ocean

Coral reefs are large societies of small living organisms. They are made up of millions of various creatures including fish, starfish, sea urchins, and so much more. Despite the fact that coral reefs make up fewer than one percentage of the Earth’s surface, coral reefs are still one of the greatest diversified ecosystems in the world due to the creatures that live in and around the reefs. Coral reefs are located in shallow, warm waters in the tropics around the Bahamas, in the Red Sea, and near the Hawaiian islands. The largest coral reefs are the Great Barrier Reef, the Red Sea Coral Reef, and the New Caledonia Barrier Reef. (“The World’s 10 Largest Coral Reefs”)
Coral reefs are made up of the calcium carbonate
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The zooxanthellae gives some of it’s the food it had produced from photosynthesis to the coral. Because coral can only grow where a light source is abundant and frequent, the coral also offers a great source of sunlight for the zooxanthellae. (“Coral, Carbon Dioxide, and Calcification”)
Polyps are able to reproduce by both asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction. In asexual reproduction, the polyps are clones of each-other. In other words, the resulting polyps or colonies are identical to the original. The two types of asexual reproduction are budding and fragmentation. When a coral polyp reaches a large size, it divides, therefore generating an identical new coral polyp. Fragmentation, on the other hand is when a portion of a colony cracks off and creates a different colony. Fragmentation can happen due to external factors, like a storm or fishing materials. In addition, coral polyps can breed by sexual reproduction, either externally or internally, depending on the variety of the coral polyp. In external fertilization, coral polyps let out large masses of eggs while other polyps release small parcels of sperm. Once all the eggs and sperm float upward, the eggs are fertilized and free swimming larvae are produced. Within a few days or weeks, most larvae become coral polyps. While most polyps reproduce sexually by this method, some will use internal fertilization. Polyps that have the eggs inside

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