Rainsford's Escape: A Narrative Fiction

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Ransford awoke in a luxurious bed, mind dwelling on the three hellish nights that were now behind him. His hopes high that he might remember something that might aid his eventual escape. Rainsford slides out of bed, groggily. After a few minutes of organizing his plan, he remembers General Zaroff‘s previous statement about the training camp in his basement. Swiftly and without hindrance he made his way to the basement. Rainsford enters the room, only to find a wall of ten cages, three of which have inhabitance. The largest of the men yells desperately at Ransford, “Sir please! I beg of you! Would you please set us free!” to which Rainsford replied, “I would without a doubt, there is only one issue I haven’t the slightest idea of where the key is.” The other…show more content…
Out of nowhere Rainsford shouted, “I have it, Ivan’s keys, there is one that didn’t unlock anything in this house!” The three men looked upon him with astonishment and they all spoke in unison, “What are you waiting for try the key.” Rainsford reached into his pocket and pulled out the key ring. H he tries the first key, it fits but doesn’t turn. He tries the next key, it doesn’t fit. Finally, the last key he puts it in the hole and turns it *click* The three men exclaimed with excitement “thanks to you we get off this island after almost a month of Zaroff’s tortuous ways!” The four men enter the dilapidated room - it had nothing but a radio sitting in the corner. Whitney’s voice beamed across the radio, “Please, if you hear this I beg of you please reply. I have lost a dear friend please answer.” Rainsford runs to the corner and Exclaims on the radio, “Whitney is that you! I am here on ship trap island with three other men who were trapped here. It is safe, if you can send a rescue team!” Within the hour there was a dingy on the islands shore. Once the four men arrived back on the yacht Whitney, Rainsford and the three men exchanged stories as they sailed back to
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