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Raised to be a war machine against the lives of millions of innocent abnormal; this was the life of a typical German child in the late 1930’s to the early 1940’s. The Nazis knew that education was a key to their success and used their power to control the education system; everything was taught under strict Nazi curriculum. Nazis succeeded greatly in their education system because if they failed, then less people would have followed them and more would have been able to rebel against their events of the Holocaust. Background · “ In the 1930s the Nazis created a party-controlled education system. Everything was controlled from the types of teachers were hired/fired, the curriculum, the grading scale, and even who passed and who…show more content…
Ninety seven percent of the teachers in Germany joined the Nazi Teacher’s League, and those who didn’t still had to teacher under Nazi rule and ideology. If they did not, then they were fired and sent to labor camps.”(Southey) (http://www.theholocaustexplained.org/ks3/life-in-nazi-occupied-europe/controlling-everyday-life/controlling-education) “The Nazis knew that if they took control of the education system and taught kids at a young age then they would be successful. Bates 3 People obey much better and perform at levels up to three times better than their normal performance when they are under the fear and pressure of arrest, physical punishment, and losing their life, job, and family.”(Kaiser) People are much more susceptible to betraying others and ignoring the crimes done to others when there is a benefit that for themselves for doing so. Hitler offered teachers and students a better education and pay aside from an overall better life for the hatred toward Jews. By teaching Aryan students that they were of higher social power and acceptance to God, they were more willing to follow Hitler and it gave an incentive toward the extinction of the “impure”. · Kid’s parents may not have followed Nazi beliefs and in that case, my have taught their children differently so they did not follow in the Nazis foot steps. Kids in high school could have rebelled and disregarded what they learned in school. If the kids did not follow Nazi ideology they were expelled

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