Raisin In The Sun Critical Analysis

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Imagine, for a moment, that someone has just received an enormous check. However, this positive and seemingly heaven-sent bestowal is laced with dismay and mayhem, for there are numerous outcomes this check could produce--not all of which are accomplishable. Meanwhile, said person’s family is being torn asunder by all of these possible outcomes since each is persistently continuing to pester and demand the person who received the check to use it in the way that each of the family members personally believe. It is always a burdensome choice, whether to consider an individual, the majority, or the minorities, yet this is the dilemma thrust upon one woman in Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry. In writing this impossible circumstance…show more content…
Accentuating the lack of passion and common courtesy Walter has for his wife, Ruth, in this particular scene, Hansberry is, in the beginning, ingraining in her readers’ minds how detestably this man treats his wife.
However, this absolute disregard for his wife is completely transformed after Mama, the woman who is burdened with the dilemma, decides to satisfy the needs of the majority and purchases a house which will be advantageous for everyone, whether they were pleased with the decision or not. His whole being appears to convert into its polar opposite, as shown through the stage direction, He dances over to Ruth and tries to get her to dance with him. She gives in at last to his raunchiness and in a fit of giggles allows herself to be drawn into his mood (112). The author illustrates how his actions and mentality, thus their relationship, evolved over a short period resulting from the purchase of the house, which was originally intended to appease the majority, since not everyone initially approved of this use of the money. Therefore, this altering of mindset and relationship conveys that, by selecting the choice best-suited for the majority, one may unknowingly be selecting an option that becomes best-suited for everyone and that is eventually unanimously agreed upon.
In addition to this, it it always best to comply with the needs of the majority since the majority may also include what is
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