"Raisin in the Sun"- play vs movie

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The film did a very good job of portraying the emotions the characters were experiencing during the play.

The strongest scene in he book would have to be when Walter turned down the money he would get for not moving into the neighborhood . I felt this took a lot of guts on his part. I also thought that this was a turning point in the novel. By Walter not accepting the money it showed that he not only grew through out the play, but also that he put many things into perspective. His family became the most integrate part of his life, by the end of the novel he realized what was more important. He took a stand for not only him self but for his family when he didn't accept the buyout. I think Walter's unexpected decision to save his integrity
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Walter seems to be overcome with a search for power and a drive to become wealthy and leave the life of being a worker behind him. It also shows that he cares for his family seeing how he is striving to give them the best, but that aspect is overshadowed by his greed. I feel the scene also shows the Younger family at its lowest point in the movie. Walter is on the complete edge and is thinking of stealing a community's money and the rest of the family, besides Momma, seemed to lose their faith and trust in him. When things seemed hopeless with the loss of the money, they only became worse as a loss in more than money occurred. A loss in their character, faith, history, and respect for each other overcame the family, particularly Walter and Beneatha. Nevertheless, Momma soon sets Beneatha straight with an emotional and positive speech about how there is "always something left to love" and sets the standard that the family should adhere to. It marks the turning point at the end of the movie

There were few differences between the movie and the book Raisin in the Sun. I felt that the movie just gave you a visual to understand and relate to the characters more. The one major difference between the two was the sequence of events from the movie to the book.

The most dramatic scene for me was when Bobo tells Walter Lee that Willie ran off with his money. I really

felt that he was going to physically hurt Bobo. I chose this scene because I
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