Raising A Confident Female Child

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6 Ways To Raise a Confident Female Child Size Doesn’t Matter. Let’s face it, once your child enters the outside world, she will be hit with a barrage of images -- not always ones promoting a healthy self-image. The fact of the matter is that you can’t shelter her from everything (or everyone) who will make her question herself, but you an minimize their effects. Since kids will emulate what their parents do, it’s important to introduce your children to powerful women. As your daughter looks to her social environment to figure out how to act, talk, look, and relate to the world, there is a better chance she will develop strong habits early on in her development. There is no denying that in this age of social media, we’re inundated with unrealistic images of women through Hollywood and magazines, not to mention Facebook and the like. According to the American Association of University Women (AAUW), your daughter’s self-esteem drops almost 4 times more than a boy’s does. How you combat that will determine how she will see herself in adolescence. Share media depictions with your child. Whenever you see depictions on television or magazines that may be negative or unrealistic (especially related to body image), talk about it with her, and make sure she has equal exposure to successful, real women: senators, entrepreneurs, doctors, etc. In broadening her focus of what a woman should be in society, you will give her a chance to form her own opinions. Most importantly,

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